by dednewb

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released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


dednewb Havana, Cuba

S.I.C. angelic alien
from Satvrn

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Track Name: trick or treat (prod. astral planes)
hate on me,trynna be me
hush hush wannabe
i understand how much it hurts
but stop spreadin dem damn words
its annoying,yourself u destroyin
you so boring
got my own lyrics to say
you quotin minaj in replay,while you gettin the D
drug dealer?wot?
i said bitch sit down,stop trynna be me
why so serious bitch?
you delirious bitch
always actin like a snitch so your mouth shut i will stitch
you say I look like im ded
while you wear a beanie that spells "dope" on your head
nahdahnahdahnahdah,why dont you go buy a fake prada
say u cool and got more money indeed
trick or treat
being a fake twat is the last thing that i need
Track Name: REVELATION 1:18 (prod. HELLION)
too cute for this society
im gonna be bad
this situation tho is gettin outta hand
i dont really wanna demand anything but the truth
no one's replying
its taking ages,im losing my youth
the only moment i feel real joy is when i take down everything and destroy
the moment im god and all you are is my toy
sit down lil boy quit bitchin who you trynna annoy
your key to hell
in my kingdom i will save you a burnin cell
dont trynna act bossy with a girl like me
dont trynna act bossy with a girl like me
i can take you down in 1 2 3
1 2 3 ah
i can take you down in 1 2 3
dont trynna act bossy with a girl like me
dont trynna act bossy with a girl like me
i can shoot you down in 1 2 3
count maggot 1 2 3
count maggot 1 2 3
1 2 3
Track Name: TARTARUS (prod. BAKER PHONK)
mashed up my brains completely mashed up
all my stuff i got stashed at my house
im broke asf,nothing to eat,no air to breathe
no need to sleep,dont rave,just smoke repeat
hyper on the beat
mass murders on the street
but it is going down my way
its my turn,its my time
go to a shrine pray for forgiveness
when i kill i leave no witness
call that any kind of destruction?
lemme show you how its done
im on top of tha game,no plan of mine comes undone
while u fuckin with your crew
say you know your shit but never heard of dj screw
set aside your army
i could take down a few
you'll feel dread,if i catch you in my web
boom then ya ded ded boom then ya ded
no time for me to act like a psychopathic lunatic,since time doesnt exist
all these urgent desires to kill i cant resist
nosey lil bitch nosey lil bitch
i aint tryin to be rich
nosey lil bitch nosey lil bitch
Track Name: luminous ਧੜਕਣ (prod. l e a f)
run rabbit run
dig that hole forget the sun
and delete what you've become
tried to feel it all at once
i see perspectives that are going numb
wishing i could be as dumb
but i got my brain makin me hella insane
you try to put me to the test
say that im the one to blame
so you blame it on me
why you blame it on me?
im just a girl who is depressed
hypocricy makes me stressed
truly blessed biggest liar of them all
who for your mistakes takes the fall
run rabbit run run rabbit run
dig that hole forget the sun
Track Name: trvefashionblackmetal (prod. flokosh)
overflowing from the pain

its so hard to be so vain

i used to drink daquiris next to pools

laughing out loud with all these fools

life decided to laugh at me

i had to change the person that i used to be

teach myself some real serenity

see charlie wouldnt let me free

manic attitudes where standing on the biggest point

try to chill it out with a really big joint

being supaa woman wasnt fun at all

you actually grow tall
so you can wait for the deepest fall

if i was a celebrity i’d definitely be worshiped by now

fuck rehab hypocricy

break it down down

let me (free)
overflowing from the pain

its so hard to be so vain

i used to drink daquiris next to pools

laughing out loud with all these fools
Track Name: crematorium boOogie (prod. flokosh)
murder in my mind
leaving victims far behind
got no problem slittin throats
eatin only fruit and oats
keep myself in shape and health
thats why im so fuckin stealth
smokin kush till i face death
wait until i get so high and cant feel my own flesh
evil lurkin poltergeist cus my weed's fresh
angel tho,not a hoe
believe me you dont wanna be my foe
i dont like your stupid trash
i'll break down more fuckin hash
while i ash
uh-bitch your head i will bash
its your time now to choose
come with me or you will lose
always kill without remorse
wont say much
nature runs its course
sit down bitch get off your high horse
i aint "prayin for these hoes"
just for my mania to kick in again and drop a damn refrain
rolling huge joints day long
i dont even need a bong
so i can get this shit along in favor to this badass song
shut up just listen now
this is not where you belong
graveyard blunts smoking bad im high
suicide plane im up in the sky
try to call me bitch i wont reply
get down on ya knees
boom ya ded dontcha try
all this grandiosity got me feeling haute couture
molly downers acid made my brains so obscure
and im using em so good cus i got humans to lure
most of them wont endure what i really hide inside
cause my creepin so tight,most would think that im a walking contradiction
and indeed my words create some pain and friction
at least i dont post uma from pulp fiction for everyone to think im doin coke
sorry if you get pissed but being true is my addiction
no need to compare,cus myself's the competition
homicidal girl
whatcha think ya doing kid
cant compare my guns and ammunition
Track Name: angel of death (prod. the cancerfest)
sittin alone at 7 am
how did these hours pass again
it seems i have a contract with the devil
i have a contract with the devil
and all these boys buying me expensive toys
as im in for the ride of my life
you'd think those times would be remembered well
lots of fun and everything was swell
almost died one day,but continued as if everything was ok
vodka and codeine could delay
all these homicidal thoughts and perversion of plots
im kind of an angel of death for sure
in my heart i am pure
but cant speak for myself
well,the other one of course
the cursed
the emotionally corrupted,overwhelmingly distracted cus by death i am attracted
hmm i think i overreacted,maybe its the same person
the old me
you know me
acting is part of my personality
confused reality
i dont need those gucci bags and no satanic shit
dont need those gucci bags and no satanic shit ;)
Track Name: graveyyyard fox (prod. cat soup)
purple skies in your eyes
i couldnt let go of the sighs
stars in your galaxies of neverending sunsets
trying to find myself in the mirror when the blunt ends
no wealth but health bitch im goin on stealth
could be no other,all i wanna be is true
when you talking bout death
its just not the real you
ships sail back to another dimention
yet this fucked up world is a damn detention
i could breathe in all eternity
hope is anchored in a black sea
cant be anything,im everything,thats an ability
get away or get hostility
sick of all this so called "light" in the darkness I'll confide
humans dance to my delight surrender kid this is my fight
Track Name: self loathing in Las Vegas (prod. john mello)
solitude is bliss
i stare into the abyss
through the darkness and the mist
there's not place you can hide
hate yourself so much even there you cant confide
pills razors knives and needles
all my favorite things take away my feelings
well i think i found the cure
and i dont even need to lure YOU
such fake company,refresh myself through apathy
you should never fuck with me
im on the verge of being suicidal or artistic
maybe all my problems would be solved if i tried to be sadistic
this thug life shit is trynna get in my vains
grew up with my mom tho fulla love and restrains
i can never count on people im paranoid asf
wait until my mania starts
tamagochi gurl shark attack
Track Name: synesthesia (prod. dedflwrs)
i have no patience
see im not the one who's lying
always trying bring some justice
but what am i to do
this world's living in a matrix
dominatrix-getting off of your pain
not the one spendin money in vain
not the one bragging bout something i am not
you forgot
not the one being confused
wrap your neck with a knot
synesthesia was a virtue i thought
now you feel what i am feeling
tell me babe this pain's appealing
still not reducing my need for the killing
and the murders in my mind i strive to not commit